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The WIT strategy is to form business partnerships through licensing, in the application of SG Gas and SG Gas-infused Water in multiple commercial and industrial sectors. Our Technology is adaptable, mobile, and can be custom-made to meet your business needs. The WIT Professional Team is available to discuss with business representatives their concepts and evaluate the compatibility of our Technology to improve their product lines. Please call or submit your inquiry on the Contact Us page of this website.


A progress report on the characterization of the Gas, process and uses for the Gas can be found on this link: WIT Overview


Licensing opportunities for the application of the WIT Technology are available to create business partnerships. For example, AquaNew, L.L.C. of Sarasota, Florida holds the worldwide, exclusive license to produce and distribute in the United States, Ultra-Pure Polarized Bottled Drinking Water, marketed under the brand name of Watt-Ahh®, an AquaNew® Water, that uses the infusion of SG Gas as part of the production and treatment process. AquaNew has been approached by other water bottling companies interested in obtaining a sub-license for the production and distribution of Polarized Water in Canada, United Kingdom and Japan.

For more information on licensing opportunities in the application of either the Gas or the Polarized Water, please submit your inquiry on the Contact Us page of this website.

Investment Opportunities

Our current investment partners have had a long-term work relationship with the Founders of WIT. The group of investors is small but each is engaged in the growth valuation of WIT that greatly outweighs their respective monetary contributions. They share with the WIT Founders in making a better, cleaner world and improving the livelihood and health of people. Our objective is to continue this business paradigm and seek investors and business relationships that will continue to diversify the professional representation and knowledge and our mutual goodwill "global" vision, toward ultimately advancing the application of this new discovery and technology into multiple sectors, with emphasis on improving Clean Energy Technologies, Health Care and Water Purification.

Some of the investment attributes for WIT: >
  • A seasoned management team with strong intellectual support from existing investment partners.
  • Entrepreneurs with startup technology business experience and owners of patents, who are working full time ("All-In") towards advancing this novel Discovery.
  • No known corporate competitors that have rights to use this Discovery except for sub-licensees.
  • Recurring revenues from licensing royalties.
  • A capital-efficient consultation, research, development and licensing business.
  • Positive cash-flow business resulting from recent early stage "Friends and Family" capitalization round.
  • WIT is a "Clean Tech" company which is currently the largest sector for venture capitalism and governmental grant support and incentives.
  • WIT is a "Brown Tech" company that reduces greenhouse gas emissions in the extraction and rehydration of tar sands and coal.
  • Pre-clinical tests have been conducted on toxicology, plant growth and vitamin absorption.
  • High diversification of licensing opportunities into multiple industrial and commercial sectors that buffer economic downturns while being adaptable to capture emerging business opportunities.
  • Strong growth potential in current priority ventures of "Clean Tech", Health Care and Water Purification.


If interested in further information, please call or submit your inquiry on the Contact Us page of this website.