With the exception of some astounding properties of our Discovery, there appears to be no "Silver Bullet" in the Alternative Energy arena (such as wind and solar) that will gain an independence from the current monopoly of foreign fuel. The challenge is to find an energy alternative that can extract stored energy in materials.

Another recent challenge is the world-wide economic fallout and financial-market chaos, which have caused many companies that previously jumped on the "Green Energy" bandwagon to pursue renewable energy sources, and to re-think their respective bottomlines, as to what is realistically worth pursuing.

A third challenge is that production of Alternative Energy, in some cases, can have unanticipated environmental and social consequences such as ethanol. Ethanol involves pollution emissions of carbon and particulates from tractors, trucks and other machinery in the production and distribution of corn, and manufacturing and application of fertilizers, high water demand to convert corn to ethanol leaving behind adverse fermentation by-products, and finally, causing an imbalance in corn availability for food supplies worldwide. Lithium batteries used to run hybrid cars involve substantial fuel consumption in the production of these batteries which must be replaced over the life of the hybrid cars and these exhausted batteries create a major disposal concern.

We can provide a multitude of other examples but it is not our place to be critical of other companies' decisions to find solutions to our energy crisis. Our mission is to be part of the global solution working with others to apply our discovery, to enhance the efficiency of energy alternatives without any additional pollutant emissions, thereby meeting the current challenges of financial, environmental and social wellbeing and advancing our mutual energy independence and security.

The potential benefits of SG Gas that can be compatible with and enhance the energy production of other forms of energy and fuels are discussed here.

Most of the Alternative Fuel and Energy Sources have varying levels of pollutant emissions. We represent, herein, SG Gas as having relatively minimal pollutant emissions. However, we acknowledge that there are emissions involved in the manufacture of magnets and electrolyte chemical solutions used in electromagnetic process for gas production. While magnets are permanently affixed to the SG Gas generators, the electrolyte solution added into a sealed reaction chamber, may be replaced on occasion and the waste by-product (salt) would involve disposal or recycle.

Our Discovery may not be the perfect "Silver Bullet" but we predict that Blue Technology will become the clear favorite choice for clean, reliable energy that enhances the efficiency of all other forms of Alternative Fuels and Energy Sources, unlocks the intrinsic energy of materials, with minimal impacts to our environment.